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Doongalik Farmer’s Market

Tru Bahamian Must Eat: Lionfish

a plate of food with a fork

Lionfish. Known for their ornate striped beauty, venomous spines, and unique tentacles. By now you’ve likely heard their story. These exotic immigrants have recently become a huge threat to the oceanic ecosystems across the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. With their rapacious appetites and very few native predators to worry about, lionfish have been rapidly…

4 Fantastic Farmers’ Market Finds in Nassau

a group of people preparing food inside of it

Have you ever tasted the sweet yellow flesh of a Bahamian-grown mango? Picked up bunch of bright, emerald bok choy, simpson kale or sharp mustard greens? Sipped on a tamarind ale? Sampled a lion fish taco or passion fruit sorbet? Farmers’ markets across the island are serving up delicious and unique treats like these in…