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Tru Bahamian Food Tours Open For Business in 2021

a piece of cake

  We love what we do. We love your face the first time you try Switcha, your surprise at seeing Max the parrot at the Towne Hotel, teaching you about Conch, and showing you the real and authentic side of The Bahamas! And that’s why we are so excited to be officially touring again in…

Live Music In Nassau: The Best Spots For Hearing Local Tunes On The Island

a group of people dancing and wearing costumes

There’s nothing quite like a night on the town, sipping cool cocktails and listening to a live band croon to the melodies of the island. Here in The Bahamas, live music is a sought after source of entertainment, and remains an important traditional medium of storytelling and cultural expression. For such a small country, The…

Sunscreen and Straw Hats Required: A Guide To Discovering Nassau’s Best Public Beaches

a sandy beach next to the ocean

Argue as you might over which Nassau attractions you’d like to experience during your visit, there’s one thing that almost everyone can agree on: heading over to one of our breathtaking, powdery, white sand beaches is a must! Once there, you can lounge, bask, swim, snorkel and enjoy taking in the most turquoise waters in the…

3 Bahamian Spirits & More Cocktail Recipes To Master At Home

bartender pouring cocktails

The Islands of The Bahamas are known for having a rich history of libations (almost all of which are traditionally constructed from a combination of fruit juices and rums). Interestingly, though, The Bahamas itself has never been a large producer of rum, primarily because our soil isn’t well suited to growing sugarcane year round. That…

An Itinerary For Discovering Colonial Old Nassau

a fire hydrant in front of a brick building

Today, The Bahamas is an intriguing mish-mash of cultures and histories: descendants of the freed African slaves who made it their home, the European colonists’, the Puritan Eleutheran adventurers and the American Loyalists. They were later joined by people from the world over, commonly Haiti, Canada, Jamaica, Greece, China and of course an ever-present U.S….

Where To Find Organic Foods & Eco-Friendly Home Products That Are Made In The Bahamas

a close up of a bottle

These days, those in search of organic “made-in-the-Bahamas” products will find an eclectic mix of all-natural foods, home and body products that offer an authentic Bahamian experience for both locals and visitors alike. From Farmers’ markets to specialty artisan boutiques, we’ve put together a list of our top spots for getting your hands on organic food and eco-friendly home products…

Nassau’s Best Budget Stays For The Spring Breaker

a group of people swimming in a pool of water

It’s spring break. And after months of cold, dark winter, we can totally understand why escaping to some place warm (The Bahamas) sounds like a good idea for the many guests we’ll welcome to our island over these next few weeks. We have to agree that March is an excellent time to travel and experience…

Top 5 Boutique Hotels In Nassau with Lots of Island Charm

a large pool of water

Graycliff a vase of flowers sits in front of a building Credit: Tru Bahamian Food Tours A restored mansion dating back to the 1740s, The Graycliff estate is a registered Nassau landmark and will transport you back to the Old World….

Happy Holiday Hunting! A Bahamian Gift Guide 2016

box of chocolate

Although most people know The Bahamas for its stunning beaches and year long sunshine, it also has a hidden treasure trove of amazing and talented entrepreneurs, artists, designers, and craftsmen. Last year, we uncovered many Unique Bahamian Holiday Finds that we carefully curated for your island inspired celebrations, so we’ve done it again and are sharing our…

Amazing Discoveries In Nassau’s Museums For Culture And History

pirate ship at night

During our Bites of Nassau Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour, you get a chance to take a peek into the history of The Bahamas, and it’s not too hard to picture what the city of Nassau must have looked like when the town has retained so many of its old buildings and landmarks. We know…