Frequently Asked Questions

More details to help you prepare for your trip to Nassau

No- transportation to and from all tours or experiences are not included.

Detailed information for how to arrive to the meeting point will be provided at the time of booking. All starting points are conveniently located just a few minutes from the cruise ship port, local bus depot and Paradise Island water ferry.

Please be sure to let us know if you (or anyone in your group) has a dietary restrictions (e.g. vegetarian, gluten-free, shellfish allergies, etc.) when you purchase your tickets. As long as we know in advance, we can accommodate your needs.

Yes. Our Bites of Nassau Food Tour does include one alcoholic beverage. Our Savor Old Nassau Dining Stroll includes three cocktail pairings.

If you would prefer not to consume alcohol, please make a note of this within the ticket notes during check-out. We will be able to provide an appropriate non-alcoholic beverage substitution.

In select locations throughout the tour, participants may be able to purchase additional alcoholic beverages (local beer, wine and cocktails) but please note that this is optional, time permitting, and the cost is not included in your ticket purchase.

Persons under the age of 18 (legal drinking age in The Bahamas) will not be served alcohol.

Our food tours serve enough food to be equivalent to a hearty lunch (for most people) that will not leave you hungry. With the combination of food and drink tastings in addition to built in breaks for cultural, historical and architectural insight along the way, most participants are comfortably full after our food tours.

Please understand our food tours are not intended to replace breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner combined, so please consider eating breakfast before or eating dinner after the tour.

Advanced ticket purchase is required. Purchasing tickets at the start of our tour or would not allow us enough time to work with our restaurant partners to ensure food tastings are prepared for you.

Our tours typically sell out ahead of time and we encourage you to book well in advance in order to maximize your chances of reserving the day, time, and number of tickets you prefer.

Tickets for our Bites of Nassau Food Tour and Savor Old Nassau Dining Tour can only be purchased online through our website using Visa, AMEX, MasterCard or Discover or by calling 1-242-601-1725. Cash and walk up traffic is not encouraged.

Yes- all guests must purchase a ticket whether they plan to partake in the food tastings or not.

Non-paying individuals will not able to join the tour for any reason(s). The ticket fees help cover the costs of all the food tastings and also to pay for your tour guide(s) wages, who are offering valuable commentary on historical, architectural, cultural and restaurant information during our tours.

If a tour date or specific tour time is sold out, there is a good chance that we will add an additional tour on that day so please contact us directly via email: or phone (1-242) 601-1725 so we can do our best to accommodate you!

Tickets purchased for our Bites of Nassau Food Tour , Savor Old Nassau Dining Stroll and Authentic Bahamian Cooking Class are non-refundable. Under normal circumstances, tours and classes cannot be canceled or rescheduled.

However, if one of our tours or cooking classes is canceled due to severe inclement weather (such as a hurricane) or some other unforeseen emergency, we will be glad to reschedule your tour/class time or refund your ticket purchase.

Yes! Our Savor Old Nassau Dining Stroll is offered on Sunday’s, Bahamian Public Holidays, and for private groups by request 7 days a week.

It is possible for us to host Private Group Tours on Sundays as an alternative option- please fill out a Private Group Request Form with your specific date request and we’ll response within 24 hours.

Yes, private group food tours are available for our Bites of Nassau Food Tours and Savor Old Nassau Dining Stroll. To set up a Private Tour or learn more, please visit our Private Group Tours page and submit a Private Group Tour Request Form. A member of Tru Bahamian Food Tours team will respond within 24 hours to your inquiry!

All of our tours and experiences are held rain or shine. (For the record, Nassau averages 365 days of sunshine annually:) In the event of inclement weather however, we will be able to go inside of all of the establishments on the tour. We also provide ponchos in case of sudden weather changes if you do not have your own umbrella. However, we advise you to check the weather conditions for your tour date and dress/prepare appropriately.

If severe weather (such as a hurricane or tropical storm) does prevent the tour from taking place, you will receive a full refund or a gift certificate to use on a date of your convenience.

Yes, gift certificates are available for both our Bites of Nassau Food Tours and our Savor Old Nassau Dining Stroll and make a perfect gift for holidays, birthdays or any other occasion! To purchase or learn more about our gift certificates, please visit our Gift Certificates page or call us at: (1-844) 850-2318 or (242) 601-1725.

*NOTE- our gift certificates never expire!

In addition to a healthy appetite, we suggest you bring along:

  • e-ticket
  • wear comfortable, light clothing and walking shoes.
  • sun protection
  • your own bottle of water
  • cash gratuity for your tour guide

With so much Bahamian sunshine to enjoy in Nassau, we’re able to operate our Bites of Nassau Food Tours year-round January through December, except on Sundays and Public Holidays (when our tasting locations are closed).

The weather can be humid and very warm in the summer months (May-Aug) and we make seasonal modifications to the tour route during this period to limit exposure to the sun and maximise time in the shade and/or air-conditioning. Take a look at our Tour Calendar the most updated version of our tour availability for any given month.

Due to the pre-arranged timing of the tour stops, we kindly ask that you wait to shop until after the tour is completed so that we can stay on our food-tasting schedule and ensure that we arrive at our Tour Partner locations in a timely manner. Remaining on our scheduled route ensures that the food and beverages at each stop are freshly prepared for our tour participants. If you’d like to return to your favourite tasting locations after the tour to make purchases, your tour guide will be happy to direct you to that establishment. We will also provide you with a detailed map displaying our route so that you can return to any of the tasting locations at your leisure.

**We encourage cruise visitors wanting to shop to select an earlier tour time where possible so that they’ll have some time for shopping after the tour is completed before having to head back to the ship.**

Our Bites of Nassau Food Tour includes 2 specialty drink tastings during the tour. One is a non-alcoholic beverage and the other an alcoholic cocktail. If you would prefer to not consume alcohol during the tour, please make a note within the ticket notes at check-out and we will be sure to provide an appropriate substitution.

Additionally, several of our tasting locations provide ice water for tour participants. We suggest that you consider bringing a bottle of water with you so that you ensure you stay adequately hydrated throughout the duration of the tour.

At select tasting locations, you will have the option of purchasing additional drinks to accompany your tastings but please note that these drinks are not included with the tour.

Of course! We welcome young foodies on our Bites of Nassau Tours but they must be accompanied by an adult.

The tastings on the tour are selected with the consideration of pleasing the vast majority of palates, both young and old, and from all parts of the world. As a result, when we do have young foodies join our tour, they almost always enjoy the tastings as much as their parents do.

However, the tours average 3 hours in length and do involve a fair degree of standing and walking so we ask that you consider whether your child would like to participate on a food tour. Parents, who know their children best, should assess the situation individually.

Please note, there is a special Young Foodie Ticket Fare of $49 for children joining the tour, ages 4-12 who will be eating. Children under the age of 3 not participating in the tastings do not require a separate ticket.

For our Private Authentic Bahamian Cooking Class & Lunch Experience there is only one ticket class available and participants must be ages 8 or older to take part.


On both our Bites of Nassau Food Tour and our Savor Old Nassau Cocktail & Dining Tour, bathrooms are available throughout the tour at selected food-tasting locations. Your guide will be sure to let you know at the beginning of the tour when the bathroom breaks will occur and remind you throughout the tour as well.


No. Our Bites of Nassau Food Tour does not finish at the same location as the meeting point.

However, you will receive detailed instructions after your ticket purchase including the exact starting and ending point locations in addition to a map at the beginning of the tour with return directions.

  • For cruise ship guests, the tour ends only a 2 minute walk away from the cruise ship port.
  • For guests staying in hotels or rentals on Paradise Island, the tour ends seconds away from the water ferry that will take you back to Paradise Island.
  • For guests staying in hotels/rentals in Cable Beach, the tour ends a short walk away from the bus stop from which you can catch a local #10 bus ride directly back to your hotel/rental.
  • Taxis are also available in ample supply throughout the downtown area.

Of course, our guides will be happy to direct you to any location in the downtown area if you prefer to continue exploring the city. (We think there is a good chance you might want to visit some or all of the places you visited on our tour to redeem your exclusive Tru Bahamian Food Tour coupons at our partner tasting locations.) In any case- if you have a question about getting directions somewhere- just ask us!

Not at all! Whether you’re an avid chef or a complete novice- this class is designed to be suitable for anyone with a love of food and culture. All that is required is your eagerness to learn, meet fellow foodies and enjoy some local hospitality!

Our Private Authentic Bahamian Cooking Class & Lunch Experience is available for groups as small as 2 guests and as large as 10 guests per session. Please send us a Private Group Tour Request to tell us about the details of your group size so we can provide you with pricing.

Of course! Our Authentic Bahamian Cooking Classes are only available as Private experiences.

Classes can accommodate groups as small as 2 guests and as large as 10 guests in one session.

Please submit a Private Group Request Form to tell us about your group and which date you’re interested in joining us. A member of our Tru Bahamian Food Tours team will respond within 24 hours to your inquiry!

In most cases, we can make custom modifications to the class experience to accommodate wheelchair restrictions. Please let us know if you’d like to explore this option with us by filling out a Private Group Request Form.

Once we gather at the meeting point, there will be a short 5 minute stroll to the location of our cooking class- just enough to work up an appetite for that welcome beverage and nibble!

We’ll spend about 75 minutes on our feet in the kitchen with Chef Bowe preparing our meal and the remainder of the time, you can expect to be comfortably seated and enjoying a delicious Bahamian feast.

*Upon special request in advance of the cooking class, pre-arranged seating options for our time spent in the kitchen can be organised.

Casual, comfortable clothing is perfectly acceptable. We also recommend wearing comfortable shoes and don’t suggest high heels for this occasion. Aprons will be provided for our time in the kitchen!


Your meal will be paired with your choice of chef-selected wine. Guests who prefer not to drink alcohol can select a non-alcoholic beverage option instead.

We’ll also be serving bottled ice water throughout our time in the kitchen and in the dining room and there will be a refreshing tropical beverage to welcome us upon arrival.

During and after your meal, you’ll be able to purchase additional alcoholic beverages on site, but these costs will not be included in your ticket price.

Tru Bahamian Food Tours does not include tour guide gratuities in the cost of our tours. If you enjoyed yourself, gratuities in cash are greatly appreciated and accepted by your tour guide. The standard gratuity for a tour guide in the service industry is 15% – 20%.

Our Bites of Nassau Tour can accommodate guests with strollers, however, the tour is not suitable for guests with severe mobility issues or guests requiring wheelchair assistance.

The tour route includes two mildly inclined hills as well as three (3) tasting locations that are only accessible by stairs. We can always offer a modified tour route but it goes without saying that some of the presentations throughout the tour will be missed and the overall experience will not be as complete for the tour participant in that case.

If you are planning to push a stroller, please let us know at least 24 hours before the tour begins to so that we can ensure you have the best tour experience possible.

First things first! We highly recommend taking our tour at the beginning of your visit, especially if you’ve never been to Nassau before, so that you’ll learn the lay of the land early and will be able to navigate Nassau’s delicious culinary landscape with confidence for the remainder of your trip. Of course, another reason we recommend taking our Bites of Nassau Food Tour early on in your visit is so that you have an opportunity to head back to your favorite tasting locations from the Tour to redeem your Tru Bahamian Food Tour Store Coupons (available to tour participants only).

Your ticket price includes the cost of the service fees, taxes and staff gratuities associated with your meal. If you’d like to offer an additional gratuity to the Chef or your tour guide because you had an amazing time, you are welcome to do so but doing so is completely optional and at your discretion.

We understand that there are sometimes last minute changes made to a cruise ship schedule and on occasion, a ship that is scheduled to dock in Nassau might arrive at a different time/date than listed or in rare cases, bypass the port altogether due to weather, an onboard medical emergency, etc. 

We also understand that these changes are out of your control.

In cases where we can reschedule you to join one of our tours on another tour day or at another time- we will. In cases in which this is not possible, we’ll issue you a gift certificate (with no expiration date) for the full value of your tickets that you’ll be able to use any time in the future. In special cases and when neither of these options is feasible, we’ll assess the possibility of issuing a refund.

Absolutely! While as a local you may be familiar with our route and some of the stops, you will still have an opportunity to try new items at our tasting locations, as well as to learn more about the establishments themselves. Additionally, we will share a host of fun, behind-the-scenes facts about downtown Nassau’s history, architecture and culture that you may not be aware of.

Also, being a local, you will have the unique opportunity to re-visit many of the eateries and specialty food locations we will visit, as well as others we recommend, at your leisure and with exclusive coupons in hand. This tour is also an excellent activity with which to entertain out-of-town family and guests.

Consider reviewing our Discover Nassau Foodie Blog to learn more about the Nassau restaurant and dining scene.

We’re constantly making slight changes to our Bites of Nassau Food Tour every few months. Many parts of the tour remain the same, but we do our best to improve upon and enhance the tour and ensure that it is representative of downtown Nassau’s dynamic and evolving neighbourhood. Don’t be embarrassed to come back for more and repeat the experience – many people do!

Is that a trick question?

Cameras and filming are definitely allowed and encouraged during the tour! We strongly encourage you to take as many photos as your heart desires during the tour. In fact, since you asked, we would love it if you shared pictures and videos of your experience with us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram after the tour using hashtag #bitesofnassau. Thank you!

We often host singles (both visitors and locals looking for something fun and different to do in Nassau) on on our Bites of Nassau Food Tour. We have found that most people who take our tours are adventurous and sociable, excited about trying amazing food, and open to meeting new people (or even making new friends)! We like to think of each tour group as its own family, exploring Nassau and sharing foodie moments together. If you are open to meeting new people and having a great time, you will have a wonderful time on our food tour:)

Our tours begin promptly at the scheduled starting time.

The first portion of our tour is a meet and greet introduction for about 10 minutes or so- this allows for any late comers. After that- the show must go on in order to ensure that we are able to arrive at all of our tasting locations on time.

If you are scheduled for a tour or cooking class and know you are running behind schedule, please call us at (242) 601-1725 to let us know before the tour begins so that we can give you directions on where to meet us en route.

*Please note that refunds are not given for latecomers!

Food lovers, foodies, food explorers, and regular people! Our tours are designed for anyone that loves great food and loves to discover the hidden gems and interesting stories of our favourite Nassau neighborhood. If you are in search of mom and pop food establishments, history, culture, architecture, and entertainment offerings, that is what you will find on our tours. Even if you have food allergies or food restrictions, we welcome you aboard – we’ll make accommodations and make you feel comfortable all along the tasting journey. Whether you are married, single, on a first date, getting together with friends and family, or on a company outing, our tours offer a lot for everyone.

No! We also offer Private Tour options in Italian and German for both our Bites of Nassau Tour and Authentic Bahamian Cooking Class on request.

Please contact us with a Private Group request if you would like to make arrangements to join us for one of our tours in these languages so we can set up a date and time that works with your schedule!

This tour begins at Rawson Square. You will meet your tour guide- wearing a Tru Bahamian Food Tours shirt- behind the Sir Milo Butler Statue (bronze bust) in the center of the public square.


You will meet your tour guide behind the Sir Milo Butler Statue (bronze bust) in the center of Rawson Square. It is the most recognizable and centralized location in all of downtown Nassau- across Bay Street from Parliament Square where the Queen Victoria Statue is situated. When in doubt, ask a local and they will surely point you in the right direction.


You can walk from the Cruise Ship Pier to the starting location in just a few minutes. Once out of Festival Place (the collective of stalls and vendors inside the terminal’s gated area), you will find us in 1 minute or less. Use the crosswalk directly in front of you after exiting Festival Place and walk into the public square immediately ahead. This is Rawson Square where you will meet your tour guide behind the Sir Milo Butler Statue (bronze bust) in the center of the square.


Taxi: You can take a taxi directly to the starting point from Paradise Island. If you choose this option, tell your taxi driver to take you to the Sir Milo Butler Statue at Rawson Square. This option should get you to the starting location in 15 minutes, depending on traffic.

 Water Ferry: There is a water ferry that departs from beneath the Paradise Island Bridge with various signs that point to where to find it. Ferries leave every 30 minutes and the ride itself takes about 15 minutes. Once you get off the ferry in downtown Nassau, walk east (towards the cruise ships) along Woodes Rogers Walk until you get to Parliament Street. Turn right onto Parliament Street (across from the cruise port entrance) and into Rawson Square immediately to your left. Look for the bronze bust of Sir Milo Butler in the center of the square and find us there.


Taxi: You can take a taxi directly to the starting point from Cable Beach. If you choose this option, tell your taxi driver to take you to the Sir Milo Butler Statue at Rawson Square. This option should get you to the tour starting location in 20 minutes, depending on traffic.

Local Bus Service: Your most budget-friendly option is to take the local bus service (called a Jitney). The #10 Bus, which has lots of bus stops located along Cable Beach, arrives on George Street as the final stop in the downtown loop. Ask the driver to let you off downtown, on George Street, to be sure. From the George Street bus stop, turn right onto Bay Street and walk 4 blocks east until you get to Parliament Street where you will turn left into the square and look for the Sir Milo Butler Statue (bronze bust).

If you’d like more information about how to make your way to the starting point prior to the tour date- we’d be happy to assist- please call us at (242) 601-1725 (local) or email us at:

Our Bites of Nassau Food Tour lasts approximately 3- 3.5 hours and you can expect to be standing or walking for two thirds of the time. We cover 1.2 miles and walk at a moderate pace. In addition, there are 4 resting locations (mostly indoors) en route that offer a total of about 75 minutes of seating time throughout.

Due to some narrow sidewalks and several staircases along the route, unfortunately this tour is not suitable for guests with severe mobility issues or guests requiring wheelchair assistance.

Yes and we typically have multiple tour starting times. Please take a look at our tour calendar to see our full listing of available tours for a particular day by selecting “Book Now”.

If one of the listed tour starting times does not fit your schedule, please contact us directly with a request for a special starting tour time and we’ll try to make it happen!

You bet!

Our culinary adventures are designed to accommodate virtually all food allergies, aversions or dietary needs- including guests who do not eat shellfish or seafood. While both our Bites of Nassau Food Tour and our Authentic Bahamian Cooking Class do feature local seafood dishes (including shellfish), with advanced notice we can gladly provide tasty non-seafood or non-shellfish substitutions that you’ll enjoy instead.

*Please be sure to indicate your specific dietary preferences or requirements when purchasing your tickets so we can best prepare to host you!

Food is provided from a combination of: locally adored eateries, one-of-a-kind specialty artisan stores, ethnic mom and pop spots, and the island’s best fine dining restaurants. For a better idea of what types of eateries we will visit, a list of the food tasting locations can be found on Bites of Nassau Tour Page.

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