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Bahamas National Trust

4 Fall Festivals Not to Be Missed in Nassau

a group of people riding on the back of a truck

It’s the time of year again when we bid farewell to the summer season and in doing so, we also say goodbye to its bounty- pineapples, mangoes, sour sops, passion fruits, guineps, watermelon and all the other special summer treats that delight our tastebuds each year. But, as this season comes to a close, we’ve got a new…

Tru Bahamian Must Eat: Boiled Fish

a bowl of food on a plate

Following an early morning of fishing in the islands or an animated late night celebration, the go-to remedy for most here in The Bahamas, is a steaming bowl of Boiled Fish or simply ‘Boil’- as we often shorten it to. And don’t let the plain-sounding name fool you; this hearty dish is packed with flavour…