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3 Ways To Eat, Drink & Discover Nassau This Valentine’s Day

a piece of cake sitting on top of a table

While we’d be happy to offer our best selections on where to go in Nassau for a romantic V-Day dinner, instead, we thought we’d highlight the fact that Saint Valentine’s Day can be a lot more adventurous than sharing a candle light meal. So whether you’re a Nassau local or paying us a visit during the upcoming date, we encourage you to Eat, Drink, and Discover the best of New Providence, downtown Nassau, and Paradise Island with one of these suggested itineraries…

Paradise Island

a piece of chocolate cake on a plate
Credit: Food Spotting

Eat: Treat your very own one and only to an unforgettable Valentine’s meal at Courtyard Terrace on Paradise Island. The unparalleled ambience and service you expect from the exclusive One & Only Ocean Club is accompanied by menu offerings that are sure to whet the appetite. Prepare your palate for local lobster carpaccio, sensational veal shank, and decadent chocolate soufflé, dusted in confectioners sugar and served alongside creme fraiche.

Drink: Go no further than a few hundred yards to pair a perfect afternoon cocktail with idyllic ocean views. Try Dune’s signature ginger margarita in a glass rimmed with a fine mixture of sea salt, raw cane sugar, and freshly grated ginger. Take in the views while you and your sweetie sit atop Dune’s bar that overlooks the white undulating sands of Cabbage Beach.

Discover: Cap off your meal and cocktails by taking a leisurely walk about the Ocean Club’s very own Versailles Gardens. You’ll return to a past time era while holding hands and exploring the lush gardens, lily pad ponds, and statues that lead up to the iconic limestone 14th Century French Cloisters replica overlooking Nassau’s harbour built in the 1960’s by mogul George Huntington Hartford II.

Downtown Nassau

a cup of coffee and a glass of water
Credit: The 700 Experience

Eat: Shameless plug- our Bites Of Nassau Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour truly is a delicious way to eat and stroll your way through Nassau’s most historic downtown neighbourhood. Sample soulful Bahamian dishes such as peas n’ ricemacaroni and cheese, and conch (known to be an aphrodisiac among locals) prepared two ways; enjoy Mediterranean classics like Greek salad; and indulge in decadent organic chocolate bon bons.

Drink: Crafted in the ‘80s by local mixologist, Wilfred Sands, the Rum Dum at John Watling’s Distillery is perfection. Titillating the senses, this cocktail makes use of both John Watling’s signature Buena Vista Estate dark and white rums with citrusy notes and a foamy finish. There’s one ingredient you may not recognize immediately but you’ll just have to ask Wilfred himself what it could be…

Discover: Make your way over to one of Nassau’s most treasured cultural and historical landmarks, Villa Doyle, that now houses The National Art Gallery Of The Bahamas. Peruse the gallery’s permanent and temporary collections, and gain new perspective on Bahamian and Caribbean art and culture while experiencing the thought provoking current seventh national exhibition: Antillean An Ecology.

Western New Providence

a man swimming in the water
Credit: Forbes

Eat: Venture off the main road to taste Goodfellow Farms’ exquisite menu of farm to table lunches. Opt for specials like seared Bahamian lobster cakes topped with lemon aioli alongside cilantro rice and an organic microgreen salad. These dishes are so delicious that sparing a bite or two for sharing with your significant other might be difficult.

Drink: Complement your virtuous farm-fresh lunch by indulging in a frozen pina colada or fruit daiquiri (alcoholic or virgin… or as the locals say, “leaded or unleaded”) at The Daiquiri Shack on Cable Beach. Each frozen beverage is blended before your eyes with your choice of fresh fruit on display (no syrups here) and we guarantee that from the first sip to the last slurp, your daiquiri expectations will have reached new heights.

Discover: Located at the western-most tip of New Providence, Clifton Heritage National Park is a historical site waiting to be explored. With shaded nature trails, casuarina tree stump sculptures, and epitaphs of historical events, this park is perfect for the most adventurous of couples to discover. Continue to explore just meters away from Clifton Beach in the water and you’ll find yourselves enticed to uncover the sunken Ocean Atlas, the world’s largest underwater sculpture.