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Eat Like A Local From Nassau’s Tastiest Food Trucks And Roadside Stalls

conch salad

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bahamian fast food! Throughout the island you’ll find a network of carts and trucks located so close to the mainstreet that you can practically drive (or walk) up and place your order. While eating with a knife and fork off of fine china is always an option, these experiences encourage you to unlock a Styrofoam treasure chest of flavours and dig in to the best Bahamian roadside eats.

Of course, the naturally appealing grit about a food truck or roadside stall is its authenticity. Here in Nassau, you’re not going to find a Michelin Star chef manning the grill, but you can certainly guarantee a delicious, soulful dish prepared with precision and consistency from the local cook/owner in charge. These island cooks have been around the block (pun intended:) and are well versed in producing daily menus and weekly specials for the masses. With this hard-earned Bahamian stamp of approval, you can count on these meals meeting the mark. Whatsmore, these roadside spots offer great value for money too.

Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with some of our island’s most colourful, witty, and charming natives when in Nassau!

Traditional Bahamian Breakfast Carts

a plastic container of food
Credit: Flickr

Gone are the days of the traditional 99¢ breakfast here in Nassau. However, you’ll still get great value by sussing out local sustenance from mobile carts. A typical breakfast portion of white or yellow grits consists of two heaping serving spoonfuls, topped with salted butter, and your choice of chilled tuna salad, steamed sardines, or saucey bologna sausage aka “sauchiss” as locals pronounce it- enough to keep you filled until the later afternoon! But if you ask any local, the king of Bahamian breakfasts is Fire Engine, which is a tomatoey reduction of corned beef, served with white rice, and sweet corn. Find these and other locally adored favourites at:

Atlantis Employee Parking Lot On Paradise Island

Meet the friendly locals who line up before their morning shifts begin for tru-tru Bahamian eats!

Daily Menu: Tuna salad or steamed sausage/sardines and grits, corned beef and white rice
Weekly Specials: White/yellow/peas and grits; eggs and bacon
Average Price/Meal: $2.50
Find It: Located the the southern side (closest to the Harbour) of the parking garage


Breakfast Cart Stationed Across From Saunders Beach

Drive (or walk) up and collect a hearty traditional breakfast by the beach!

Daily Menu: Tuna salad or steamed sausage/sardines and grits, corned beef and grits
Weekly Specials: Breakfast sandwiches
Average Price/Meal: $2.50
Find It: Directly across from Saunders Beach, between the gas station and shopping plaza

PS: Other Bahamian breakfasts you won’t want to miss, but may not find served roadside include:Boiled Fish with Johnny Cake; Stewed Fish; Chicken Souse; and Peas and Dumpling Soup withIsland Sweet Bread.

Flavourful Lunches From Food Trucks

a group of people sitting at a park
Credit: Conchie Joe’s

The trendy “traditional” food truck, which took over metropolitan cities around the globe in recent years and grew fan-bases overnight, is a novel idea for Nassau. The island has had its share of mobile food carts with loyal diners for as long as our city centre has had industry, but in recent years there have been a few modern exceptions. These two food trucks in particular make the grade for originality and variety in flavours:

Conchie Joe’s Food Truck Next To Fort Montagu

Serving up the fresh, local catch and produce daily, you’ll love their tasty specials!

Daily Menu: Fried chicken wings, the works burger and fries, chef’s salad
Weekly Specials: Local fish tacos with veggie slaw, Bahamian lobster roll with lemon butter sauce
Average Price/Meal: $10.00
Find It: Parked in a shady spot towards the Western end of Montagu Beach, closest to The Fort
Contact Info: FacebookInstagram, Phone: (242) 424-4862


Hearty Lunches Near The Nassau Airport Industrial Park

Follow the chalky footprints from nearby construction sites to this truck, chocked full of flavour!

Daily Menu: Steamed or fried chicken, with peas n’ rice, and Bahamian baked macaroni n’ cheese
Weekly Specials: Stewed turkey with white rice and a tangy goat pepper tonic
Average Price/Meal: $8.00
Find It: After passing the airport’s runway, heading West, you’ll see the truck is parked across from Airport Industrial Park

PS: If you’re like us and always searching for dessert to end a meal- you’ll need to head to a restaurant or cafe to satisfy your sweet tooth since no food carts currently focus on this genre. We recommend trying traditional Bahamian desserts: guava duffpineapple tart; and mango ice cream.

Conch Salad Stands By The Sea

conch salad

Credit: Mark Da Cuhna Photography

There are a great many opportunities in Nassau to have a fresh conch salad prepared before your eyes. Let’s face it: you’re not going to be offered the conch’s slimy pissle (even had by Martha Stewart) when ordering conch salad at a restaurant and more often than not, it won’t even beremoved from its shell in front of you). Rows and rows of stalls exist at our ports, Potter’s Cay and Arawak Cay, and while it’s difficult to choose based on colourful booth exteriors alone, McKenzie’s and Dino’s have their own unique stories (and preparation techniques) to share. Tell ‘em we sent you!

Dino’s Gourmet Conch Salad At Gambier

The first conch stand in Nassau to use fruits like pineapple, mango, apple, and cucumber, coining the “Tropical Conch Salad” way of preparation!

Daily Menu: Conch salad (also served: old fashioned, scorched, or tropical), cold brews, sky juice
Average Price/Meal: $12.00
Find It: Beneath the balcony of Studio Cafe on Western Road, also near to Compass Point
Contact Info: FacebookTripAdvisor; Phone: (242) 677-7798


McKenzie’s Fresh Fish & Conch At Potter’s Cay Dock

McKenzie himself is always there to give live conch cracking demonstrations on camera, ask for him by name or spot him wearing the bandana!

Daily Menu: Conch salad (also served: old fashioned, scorched, or tropical), conch fritters
Weekly Specials: Fried local snapper, cracked conch snacks
Average Price/Meal: $10.00
Find It: When entering Potter’s Cay Dock from the West, McKenzie’s is stand #2 (pink and white)
Contact Info: FacebookTripAdvisor

PS: You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that conch is the national food of The Bahamas. For more ways to enjoy this delicacy- here are some traditional conch recipes: conch saladconch fritters, and cracked conch.

Fresh Fruit & Frozen Daiquiri Stalls

a store filled with lots of fresh produce
Credit: TripAdvisor

At the intersection of Old Nassau meets New Nassau, we have an open-aired, clapboard constructed fruit and vegetable market (located as close to the road as it gets) and a chill spot, serving up the freshest in frozen fruit drinks. At both locations you can find seasonal ingredients, ripe for the tasting.

Daiquiri Shack on Cable Beach Across From The Melia

Create your own concoction, using fresh (often local) fruits instead of sugary syrups!

Daily Options: Strawberry,Watermelon, Banana, Peach
Local Specials: Mango, Pineapple, Sapodilly, Passion Fruit, Soursop
Average Price/Drink: $8.00
Find It: Directly across from The Melia Nassau Beach Hotel on Cable Beach
Contact Info: FacebookTripAdvisor


Flo’s Fresh Fruit Market Across From Arawak Cay

An open-air market, selling local fruits, vegetables, and delicious jams and sauces!

Daily Items: Bananas, Pumpkin, Squash, Fruit Jams, Tomato Sauce, Coconut Water
Seasonal Specials: Mangos, Avocados, Pineapple, Sugarcane
Average Price: $1.00/lb
Find It: Across the road from Arawak Cay at the Western entrance to Fish Fry

PS: Looking for choice ingredients, organically grown and locally sourced Bahamian fruit and veg? Check out the daily Produce Exchange at Potter’s Cay and seasonal Farmers’ Markets In Nassau.