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Conch, Mahi, and More! A Guide To Nassau’s Best Burgers 2016

a sandwich sitting on top of a table

We get it: burgers may not be the first food item that comes to mind when contemplating Bahamian cuisine. However, you might be surprised (and hopefully pleased) to learn that Nassau does have a number of tested options available- delicious enough to satisfy the burger enthusiast when the craving hits. These well-researched (someone had to do the work!) burgers, both unconventional and classic varieties alike, will likely be among some of the tastiest to thrill your tastebuds in a while, so get ready to unleash your inner bun and patty connoisseur.

As for which local spot contends for the title of best Nassau burger? We’ll let you be the judge of that… but sampling all of the options first would definitely be our recommendation!

Imperials – Cracked Conch Burger

a close up of a bottle next to fries
Credit: Flikr

Battered and deep fried, Bahamian cracked conch is a staple in the diets of our people, so naturally we made it into a burger! The cracked conch burger, more affectionately knowns as ‘da conch burger’ is one of the most popular menu items at Imperials. This chain of small take-aways is open 23/7 (all hours except between 4:00am-5:00am), perfect for taking home something delectable after a late night out. Call in your order ahead of time, or walk-ins welcome, this quick stop for an enjoyable seafood burger will always satisfy your craving for something sinfully delicious!

Special Variations: Add cheese and raw onions to your burger, and ask for your fries “smothered” in ketchup and hot sauce to truly enjoy this meal like a local.

Price: $5-10

Locations: Bay Street (across from The Hilton downtown), Prince Charles Drive, and Marathon Mall

Contact: (242) 341-2700 or (242) 364-3300

The Green Parrot – Grilled Mahi Burger

a white plate topped with a sandwich and fries
Credit: Green Parrot Bar & Grill

The Green Parrot Bar & Grill serves up a lighter burger made with delicious grilled local mahi mahi. Whether you are trying to eat a bit healthier or just want to switch it up from the usual beef hamburger, this fish is seasoned to perfection and grilled with a mixture of Bahamian and traditional spices. Served with your choice of homemade fries or sweet potato fries, plenty of love goes into seasoning and preparing their fish to make every mahi burger marvelous. With two waterfront restaurant locations, you’ll have your choice of sunset views. At “GP” (as it’s referred to locally) you can always expect enthusiastic service and a fun atmosphere- often with live music.

Special Variations: Give your grilled mahi burger a kick by requesting that it be prepared ‘blackened’ or ‘jerked’ for additional dry rubbed spices!

Price: $18-25

Locations: Harbourfront, East Bay Street and Hurricane Hole, Paradise Island

Contact: (242) 322-9248, FacebookWebsite

Athena Café – Greek Lamb Burger

a plate of food with a sandwich and a salad
Credit: Tru Bahamian Food Tours

Athena Café is one of Nassau’s longest running downtown restaurants. Owned and operated by The Mousis Family who have been delighting the area with fine Greek-Bahamian cuisine since the 1990s, this landmark Nassau eatery is a staple on our Bites of Nassau Food Tour. Athena Café’s succulent lamb burger will have you wanting to go back again and again! Some might say the secret is in the sauce: paired with homemade garlicky-goodness (aka Greek tzatziki sauce), each bite is full of rich, perfectly cooked lamb, feta cheese, sharp arugula, and tomatoes. The warm bun is a traditional soft brioche and the perfect package to wrap up all the goodness inside. If you are a burger-lover this one will definitely hit the spot as you enjoy a meal on their breezy balcony, overlooking Bay Street.

Special Variations: You can never go wrong with extra tzatziki but we also recommend pairing your burger with a Greek salad instead of potato wedges for more Mediterranean goodness!

Price: $15-20

Location: Bay Street, Downtown Nassau

Contact: (242) 326-1296, FacebookWebsite

Studio Café – B52 Beef Burger

a sandwich sitting on top of a table
Credit: Adventure In Taste

Feel like taking your burger game up a notch? Studio Café has a special beef burger that has quickly become a signature best seller of one of Nassau’s best new restaurants. This picturesque two story café has a small but enticing menu, including featured dishes and flavours that will have you asking: “How did they think of that?”. This special burger is topped with melted goat cheese, caramelized onions, cilantro, romaine lettuce and a tomato compote, nestled between a grilled sesame seed bun. The B52 will leave you feeling seriously satisfied.

Special Variations: While we wouldn’t change a thing about this embellished burger, we do enjoy switching up our side options between home-cut fries, sweet potato wedges, and yucca chips!

Price: $20-25

Location: West Bay Street, New Providence

Contact: (242) 677-3991, Facebook

Da Glass Kitchen – Loaded Turkey Burger

a sandwich on a blue plate
Credit: Da Glass Kitchen

Located at the bottom of Hawkins Hill in the area of Palmdale in Nassau, specializing in take-out breakfast and lunch, Da Glass Kitchen is a hidden gem of the neighbourhood, serving turkey, beef and veggie burgers. However, the turkey burger is their champion: well seasoned lean turkey patties, served on a freshly baked wheat or white bun and your choice of grilled veggies. This burger will make you rethink the typical hamburger and have you dreaming of your next juicy bite. As an added bonus: these burgers are always served with a smile because Da Glass Kitchen’s final and most important ingredient, as they proudly proclaim, is love.

Special Variations: Who says burgers are only for lunch? Try the loaded turkey burger with veggies, a cracked egg, and bacon for breakfast!

Price: $5-10

Location: Hawkins Hill, Nassau

Contact: (242) 322-1480, FacebookInstagramWebsite

Aquafire Grill – Blue Cheese Chicken Burger

a close up of a sandwich on a plate
Credit: TripAdvisor

Matching the aesthetics of this melt-in-your-mouth chicken burger is the incredible view at Aquafire Grill and you’ll find that their relaxed, elegant atmosphere is the perfect complement to the bold flavours of their menu. As no exception, Aquafire’s highly revered chicken burger is masterfully seasoned and perfectly balanced in zesty and sweet flavour combinations. Grilled chicken breast topped with melted sharp blue cheese, caramelized onions, and crisp veggies is sandwiched between a fresh bun, adding a hominess to this burger.

Special Variations: Although we love the blue cheese atop this chicken patty, some may opt for a milder flavour- in which case we suggest creamy goat cheese!

Price: $18-25

Location: West Bay Street

Contact: (242)- 698-0119, FacebookInstagramWebsite

Harbourfront Coffee House – Vegetarian Burger

a large sandwich sitting on top of a table
Credit: Harbourfront Coffee House

Doling out this delicious meatless burger is a quaint coffeeshop located on East Bay Street’s harbourfront, just minutes away from Downtown Nassau. With a unique and varied menu, Harbourfront Coffee House is one of the best places for a quick and tasty lunch, pastry or specialty coffee. The cafe’s homemade vegetarian burger is prepared with all the fixings: mashed chickpeas, black beans, carrots, and corn are seasoned well and packed together with breadcrumbs, the full patty is then grilled on an open flame. The result: a lighter burger that is heavy in flavour.

Special Variations: Looking for an even healthier alternative? The homemade veggie patty is simply delicious on top of fresh greens, drizzled with blueberry vinaigrette. You won’t even miss the bun!

Price: $15-20

Location: East Bay Street, Nassau

Contact: (242) 322-6900, FacebookInstagram