Our Mission

Tru Bahamian Food Tours was founded in 2012 to offer visitors of The Bahamas truly authentic local culinary experiences and an opportunity to Eat, Drink & Discover what we are convinced is our islands’ most unexplored cultural treasure: our cuisine!

We offer unique and innovative local culinary experiences in a safe, sustainable, and environmentally responsible manner. Our meticulously crafted tours take visitors along less-travelled paths and feature engaging and knowledgable local guides who are eager to share the most authentic and delicious version of The Bahamas.

We are professionally certified by Food Tour Pros, The International Culinary Tourism Association, World Food Travel Association and The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism’s Bahama HOST Program.

Let us take you on a memorable journey that introduces you the best in authentic Bahamian cuisine and offers you a series of exclusive opportunities to: Eat, Drink & Discover the Tru Bahamas, one delicious bite at a time.

Eat, Drink & Discover the Tru Bahamas!

Meet The Founder

Alanna Rodgers

Alanna is a Bahamian social entrepreneur and passionate foodie. Although born in Nassau, she has traveled to over 26 countries and developed a deep appreciation for the role that cuisine plays in a country’s unique cultural expression. Inspired and committed to sharing her own country’s culinary gifts, Alanna launched Tru Bahamian Food Tours in the Fall of 2012 on a mission to connect visitors with Nassau’s most beloved food treasures and the artisans that prepare them. Local Fave: Boiled Fish


Meet The People Who Make It Happen!

Our team of enthusiastic foodies are proud to share Bahamian culture and culinary knowledge with you.

Anna Bancroft

General Manager

Native Nassuvian, Anna takes a behind the scenes role as our General Manager but is always happy to join a tour when she can break away from her inbox! Local Fave: Scorched Conch


Murray Sweeting

Operations Manager & Food Tour Guide

Known as a “walking encyclopedia”, Murray is an avid devotee of history, native bush teas and making his own liqueurs. He also keeps our tours running smoothly everyday! Local Fave: Steamed Mutton



Food Tour Guide

Wil's appreciation of the land is engrained from his childhood, growing up on his family's farm in Nassau. He loves sharing special Bahamian recipes with curious visitors! Local Fave: Johnny Cake


Food Tour Guide

Infamously known as "Captain Ron" among guests, hailing from the Abaco Islands, Ron is equally as enthusiastic about making new friends as he is taking selfies with them! Local Fave: Tuna & Grits.


Food Tour Guide

Joy is a passionate storyteller who brings Bahamian history and culture to life through her personal experiences of island living and her travels around the world. Local Fave: Minced Crawfish


Food Tour Guide

A lover of music, song and baking, Gabrielle can be found whipping up intricate pastries when she’s not teaching university courses or leading tours in her spare time. Local Fave: Island Sweet Bread


Food Tour Guide

Born in Germany, Mark spent his teens in Nassau before deciding to live here full time as an adult. A resident of The Bahamas, Mark has a fascinating perspective of island life. Local Fave: Switcha


Food Tour Guide

Sharp as a tack, Kyshana adores showing guests around her hometown of New Providence and sharing Bahamian folklore, history and culture with everyone she hosts. Local Fave: Conch Fritters

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